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Friday, March 1, 2019

F³ Truth in Advertising

            Flynn looked over the ad, made to look like a government briefing on the latest piece of hardware, mixed with just enough marketing snark to take the dryness out.

Titan Industries Pulsar Cannon
            Normally reserved as a ship-to-ship weapon, pulsar cannons hold a spinning ball of ionized plasma in a magnetic bottle, then hurl it towards an enemy. The ionized particles wreak havoc with ship shields and armor. Miniaturization technology has finally enabled us to create a personal version of this weapon. Just like against ships, the pulsar cannon’s ionized plasma is ideal for use against armored targets, cracking and disrupting powered armors with little effort.
            Against personnel, the ionized particles are generally less effective, but the plasma’s high temperature (4,000K) will cause severe burns when it doesn’t outright kill an enemy. WARNING: Do not use a pulsar cannon in close-quarters combat! The rupturing pulsar will explode on contact and splash back on the weapon’s owner, erupting much like a plasma grenade in the hand.
            In order to maintain portability and manage power concerns, pulsars are no bigger than a standard shot. Pulsar cannons are power hungry, however, so the power packs can only supply a limited number of shots. Pulsars must also ‘spin up’ and ionize their plasma, making for a somewhat slow rate of fire. However, one shot can be held at the ready in magnetic containment for instantaneous use with minimal power loss.
            In outer space, the magnetic bottles generally dissipate within a few meters of firing, and the spinning plasma maintains coherence through the vacuum of space quite easily. However, in an atmosphere, the pulsar will be susceptible to thermodynamics and ionization transfer, meaning it will do less damage at greater ranges when in atmosphere, so it is not ideal as a long-range weapon.
            Final note: The ionized particles will instantly destroy most electronics, so use caution around sensitive equipment. Also, given the plasma’s high temperature, it’s not recommended to fire pulsar cannons at anything combustible, unless an explosion is the desired result.

            Flynn looked over the weapon one more time, then nodded his approval.
            They forgot to mention it’s a decent weapon to repel boarders. While the blast won’t do any favors to the inner hull, it won’t rip through, causing a breach.
            Flynn handed over his credit chit to authorize the purchase.

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