A3Writer: F³ Instinctive Listening
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Friday, November 1, 2019

F³ Instinctive Listening

“Leo and I have been having trouble. He doesn’t understand the pressure at work, I have. Every time I’m home it just seems like we start fighting. It’s just where I’m at right now, you know? It wasn’t even supposed to be my job, but the company laid off someone, and they need someone to do the job. I’m on my way home, this time, but I still have to teleconference and submit a plan, tomorrow.

“I already know it’s going to start another fight. And part of me wonders, is it over? I mean, if we are just going to be miserable around each other whenever we’re together, that’s not marriage, is it?”
She looked at me for the answers.
“I’m not married,” I said. “I can’t get past a third date, really. And it’s because of my job, so I guess we have that in common.”
“Well, you’ve got a fedora, so I’m guessing either archaeologist or detective.”
“Detective, but, well, let’s say it’s a specialized kind. Doesn’t translate well to relationships.”
“Out on stakeouts all night and following bad people, huh?”
“And sometimes it’s a little dangerous. But this is the long way of saying, I don’t have relationship answers. I don’t think anyone does, but I heard something in what you were saying.”
I shook my head. “Don’t know yet. But I think you need someone who can listen, right now. Maybe I’ll be able to figure it out, later.”

“Again with your uncanny instincts?” Nikki passed me the cocoa, and we adjourned back to the couch.
“Actually, that time I was lying. I already knew what it was.”
“Why lie?”
“Because being a detective is about being in the people business.”
“That is as cryptic an answer as you’ve ever given.”
“Thanks.” I grinned.