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Friday, August 17, 2012

F3 Engineers

     "This is going to work," Kurt said.
      "But the book says—" Rick pointed to the holo-slate indicate the emitter's tolerances.
      "I know what it says. Listen, we're out here on a station waiting weeks between supply runs. This isn't a fancy new ship of the fleet. Every other week something dies on this station, and the only reason it doesn't rip apart and empty us into vacuum is because I don't go by the book. Well, that and duct tape."

      "But you're not only exceeding tolerances, you're—"
      "I know what I'm doing. Don't you want to be able to have a hot meal or drink coffee again? It'd be nice to distill some water, too." Kurt made the final connection. The Diagnostic lights came on, indicating a complete circuit.
      "But is it a good idea to use the plasma firing pin from a Dragon missile?"
      Kurt climbed out of the chamber, closing it up. "Sure it's a good idea." He started up the reaction sequence. "It's all the same tech. You just have to—" Klaxons sounded, indicating a catastrophic failure in the reaction.
      "Blow us up!" Rick yelled.
      Kurt hit a series of controls. The fuel in the reactor core glowed an intense white as it fused.
      "Shut it down! You're going to kil us. You're going to—" The klaxon died off.
      "See, everything's fine. Now, let's get some coffee."
      Before they made it out of the Engineering compartment, an alarm sounded, and an explosion rocked the station.
      "I can fix that." Kurt said.

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