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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


     Remakes certainly seem to be all the rage. Between Amazing Spider-Man and Total Recall this summer, I'm not sure remakes are that worthwhile. Sure, Batman Begins showed the world what happens when a remake is done right, but there are precious few examples of those. And, really, is it a matter that things should be remade? Mere months after Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica remake there was talk of doing another. Is this anything other than cashing in on popular trends?      While many can (and have) made this case, I wonder if it might not be a cry out for re-writing the story. Is this somethign that should have happened before another version was made. In my own writing I know that changes can take the form of something minor to a drastic overhaul and complete re-imagining.      I also wonder if it's a measure of the ever-changing market. There's not an easy way to accurately gauge what will sell other than to make it available to see if it sells. I think the remakes are an effort to take what everyone recognizes as a great premise, and to tell a new story, one which may appeal to a new audience.


Anonymous said...

It's easier to invest in a sure thing than to take chance with something new. If you had to put up your own cash, what would you choose?

A3Writer said...

But I'm not sure it is a sure thing. It feels a lot like bandwagon thinking. "They did it, so let's try it." Amazing Spider-man and Total Recall aren't tearing up the charts, and the less said about movies made from fifties sitcoms, the better.

Something else that got me thinking recently are the rights. The rights for Daredevil are about to expire, so maybe remakes are a way for studios to retain the rights and prevent others from capitalizing on them?

Anonymous said...

Well, Disney owns Marvel, so it's really up to Bob Iger. And since the Daredevil movies were made prior to Disney buying Marvel, it's likely they will follow just revert back to Disney.

Anonymous said...

Here are your Marvel movies for the next couple of years: