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Friday, March 1, 2013

F3 Trees

            I huffed and puffed my way up the slope. All the roads up Mt. Kelly had long since ended, and I was forced to rely on trails for my hike up, at least until I had to move to somewhere more remote. I finally decided on a relatively barren patch of ground on the northwestern slope. Facing the coast it was less likely to be disturbed. I could hear the mountain’s stream, ensuring plenty of water to the area, and encouraged by the number of other trees in the area.

            I unfolded the shovel, and dug. I went down about three feet, then retrieved a small brass tin from my backpack. A matching key fit into the tin’s lock. A small twist and the lock opened with a slight snick. The workmanship was incredible and hard to place. The design was foreign to every culture I examined, though the frontrunners were still Arabic, Indian, and Chinese.
            Inside the tin a square of red silk held tiny seeds, each one shaped like a curved teardrop. The shape made me think of the Chinese Yin and Yang, but they weren’t black or white. Instead, the seeds were golden, like amber. Attempts to put the seeds together to make a circle failed. They fit together perfectly, but they wouldn’t stay together, much like trying to force two magnets of the same pole together.
            Max’s logbook didn’t have much information on them, but my own research mentioned “Tears of the goddess taking root.” I had no idea what would come from the seeds, but most of the mythology dealing with trees pointed to something good. It’s worth a shot, anyway.
            I dropped seven seeds into the ground, then covered them up with the dirt. I used my water bottle to give the seeds a head start, then tamped the mound down with my shovel.
            It might take years for something to come from the seeds, but if this tree turned out to be special, it could be very, very good.
            “It could also be very bad, Matt. Knowing your luck.” I said to myself.
            I hitched up my pack and began the trek back to my car. It was going to be dark soon, and I knew better than to be on Mt. Kelly in the dark.
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