A3Writer: F3 Leisurely Swim
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Friday, September 13, 2013

F3 Leisurely Swim

From the sky I had no idea where to go. The trees obscured almost everything. I hopped off my cloud next to a stream about six feet across.
"Hello?" I ventured. The woods didn't respond, and muffled my voice. Moments later a head surfaced from the stream.
"You're early," Jasmine said.
I peered into the stream. “How deep is that? I thought it was a couple of feet.”
“It is much deeper than that. This is a rare river that is much deeper than its width.”
“Huh. Ain’t that something. So, where do we go from here?”
“If you are feeling brave, you can swim with me. If not, simply follow the river’s course to its source, though it is a lengthy and arduous journey on foot.
I gave her my smug smile and hopped back on my cloud board. “I don’t go anywhere on foot if I don’t need to.” I wouldn’t be able to summon much wind to propel me, but it beat hoofing it through the tangled underbrush.
Jasmine smiled, “As you wish.” There was something about her smile, though, that said I was missing out on something, like an inside joke.
My board made a leisurely pace around ten miles an hour floating above the stream. Jasmine and I made chit chat, me lying on my board while she bobbed in the water.
After a few minutes she made the invitation again. Are you sure you don’t want to swim with me?” She rolled over, floating on her back, and I finally got the joke.
She wasn’t wearing any clothes.

I dropped off my board, falling into the water.