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Friday, September 27, 2013

F3 Mob Rules

            “See,” Alex said with a thick New Jersey accent, “yer all part of my outfit, my organization, just like Nicky and Pauly, here. He gestured to the two hulking men in black suits. Nicky gave a solemn nod while Pauly smiled at the room.
            “And since we’re all in this together, we gots to work together. We’ve got rules. That’s what makes for a happy family, after all. And family, family is important. And when something happens to the family, well, it’s sad for all of us. Nicky, Pauly.”
            The two men waded into the third row and grabbed the man who had been idly texting on his phone. The two hauled him up despite his protests, taking and smashing his phone onto the floor. Pauly, still smiling, slugged the man in the gut, cutting all protests.
            “It hurts when someone breaks the rules” Alex continued. “they put themselves above the family. It hurts me, personally, when someone doesn’t show me respect, and I can’t have that.” Alex jerked his head to the side, signaling to Nicky and Pauly.
            The two men hauled the young man out of the room and into the hallway.
            “It’s best for all to follow the rules, just so we can avoid unpleasantness.”
From outside there came yells of pain.
“It’s not good for the family to be hurt. So when I say there’s no texting in the classroom that means no texting.”
The door swung open again to admit the young man, hunched over and with blood coming from his lip and a black eye already forming.
“Now, let’s all avoid more unpleasantness. Make sure you all read the syllabus or Nicky and Pauly will be havin’ words wit you, too. Now get outta here.”
The class filed out, many of them wide-eyed and scared. When they all had left, Nicky, Pauly, and the young man they had dragged out grinned, as did Alex.
“I love getting people from the theater department in on this. Give my thanks to Prof. Holland, guys.”

“Sure thing, Prof. Henderson,” Pauly said. “Come on, boys, let’s go scare the hell out of some more freshmen.”
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