A3Writer: F3 Feel the Mark
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Friday, November 1, 2013

F3 Feel the Mark

            The coin tumbled slowly across the backs of my knuckles before falling off my hand altogether.
            Rina shook her head. "No, you're just going through the motions, thinking mechanically. You need to feel it. It's an art, not a bunch of steps to go through."
            "Why do I need to learn this?" I looked at her skeptically.
            She retrieved the coin. "You're a wizard, aren't you? You're supposed to be able to magic things into and out of existence."
            "I think I'll stick to actual magic." I cast a minor spell, one even the lowliest apprentice could cast, to lift the coin out of her hand and levitate it towards me.
            She snatched it out of the air.
            "That's the cheating kind of magic, or maybe my kind is the cheating kind. Regardless, mine is still magic when I can make this coin," she held it up, then made a quick motion with her hands, "disappear."
            "You palmed the coin and slid it into your sleeve," I said drily.
            "No," she smirked, "It's on your shoulder."
            I looked at my right shoulder, and it wasn't there.
            "Your other shoulder."
            I checked it to see a piece of silver sitting on my shoulder.
            "That's not so impressive. You just distracted me and put it on there."
            She nodded. "You're probably right. I did say it was the cheating kind of magic. Anyway, we'll have a lot of coins to practice with." She started bouncing my coin pouch in her palm.
            I checked my belt, verifying the pouch's disappearance.
            "How did you. . . ?"
            "Check your shoulders."
            I looked to see a shiny coin on each shoulder."
            "So, I need to feel it?" I started tumbling one of the coins over my knuckles again.