A3Writer: F3 Red Star
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Friday, March 28, 2014

F3 Red Star

            I relaxed on the porch of my small cabin, enjoying the relative calm and quiet. It was night, and the forest, while normally cheerful during the day, had taken on the appropriate mien, despite the influence of the Fairy Tale Realms.
            I watched the night sky, populated with more lights than all of Manhattan. Those stars never seemed dim, another byproduct of this world. So different from home. There are times, not many, but there are times when I don’t mind it here. It’d be easier with coffee, though.
            A star moved in the sky, streaking down like a comet with a red tail. It passed over the castle. I jumped off the porch and scurried up the ladder to my room and watched as it sailed over the forest to crash somewhere distant, sending a red glow into the sky that faded.
            “Shit. Now some knight is going to want to go on a quest to find it, or some evil witch or wizard will dig it up and use it to take over a kingdom.” No matter what that would mean more work for me. The story demanded one or the other to happen, probably both. It also meant a decent chance I would end up dead. I wasn’t a fairy tale hero. The hero almost always triumphed, but no one ever took a count on how many peasants, guards, or other people didn’t make it out alive.
            “But maybe there’s a way to cut things short. If I get it first, no quest, no evil plot.”
            I shimmied down the ladder and grabbed my gear. In twenty minutes I was on my horse Ranger riding through the forest.