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Friday, April 25, 2014

F3 Little Helper

            One of the items tucked in Max’s stash was described as an action figure. My old partner didn’t describe things very well. I opened the box to see a rough shape, which might be considered a foot tall action figure, except it was made out of clay and had indistinct features, especially compared to today’s artistry. It had a pair of eyes and mouth, but its arms and legs ended in rounded stumps instead of hands and feet.
I carefully lifted the figure out using both hands and noticed the clay was still damp, after who knew how many years. I had no information on this particular item, and trying to research a clay figure like this wouldn’t get me anywhere.
            After lifting the figure out, I noticed a curled slip of paper nestled with the straw. I unrolled it to see odd-looking letter, like Arabic or Hebrew. Yes, Hebrew, and that sparked enough of a memory of a folktale that I knew what this was. I had never heard of one this small, but why not?
            I took the curled slip and placed it in the figure’s mouth.
            The clay moved. It stood up on the table where I placed it and looked at me with vacant eyes.
            “Can you understand me?” I asked. In the stories, golems were controlled by speaking instructions to it.
            It didn’t answer. Idiot. They can’t talk.
            “Raise your right arm.”
            It stood there.
            I pointed to it, then raised my right arm.
            It raised its right arm.
            “Well, that’s something at least. I’m guessing you weren’t made to be a protector so much as a helper. Bet you could do wonders for household chores.
            It stood there.
            “Yeah, the language barrier. All right, time to go back in the box until I can figure that one out.”
            I plucked the curled paper from its mouth, and it lost its animation.
            I’ll have to work on this. A golem might make for a good protector of this stash, even a little one.
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