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Friday, July 17, 2015

F3 Sultry Nights

            A heatwave had come to Belport. The mercury climbed nearly to 100 degrees; combined with the humidity from the ocean, this mean life was miserable for all involved. Everyone tried to use their air conditioners at the same time, which the power grid wasn’t prepared to handle, so the utilities instituted brownouts.
            I sweltered in my house, desperately wishing the bags of frozen peas distributed on my body wouldn’t thaw so quickly. Every movement produced sweat, and I had already taken two showers today.
            I sipped again at the lemonade the Gershman boys had provided me. They had gone beyond, giving me a gallon of lemonade. They held it back specially for me as they had the entire neighborhood buying from them this week. It was the only drink that provided some measure of relief.
            My doorbell rang, and I groaned, lamenting that each movement would bring fresh sweat.
            I opened the door to see Nikki in a blue and white gown. For once she took it easy on the slits in the skirt, though the dress still had plenty of slink to it.
            She wasn’t sweating. Vampires didn’t sweat. I hated her for that.
            “Hey, Nikki. What is it?”
            “Matthew, you smell quite ripe. You need to bathe and change. We are going dancing.”
            “Nikki, it’s a zillion degrees out there. I try and go dancing in that and I’ll turn into a puddle of sweat.”
            “The establishment has its own generators and is promising temperatures no greater than 60 degrees.”
            I stared at her for a moment. “I’ll go get ready.”
            “I knew you’d see reason,” she smirked.

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