A3Writer: F3 Midterms
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Friday, October 16, 2015

F3 Midterms

            Alex dressed in his period costume, complete with curled wig and tricorn hat, and walked into the classroom. The students knew that the midterm was going to focus on the Revolutionary War and the Constitutional Convention, but they hadn’t been informed as to the format of the test. However, they were used to their professor dressing up and being eccentric, so none batted an eye at his appearance.
            Alex swept off his hat in a bow. “Good afternoon, ladies and gentles. We have convened this Constitutional Convention to replace our Articles of Confederation. We are on a precipice, and must unify our colonies into a government that may withstand the nations of Europe, lest they seek to poach us and turn us one against the other.”
            He withdrew a pouch from his belt and dumped the folded slips of paper into his hat.
            “Come now and arrange yourselves by your colonies and let us begin drafting our new Constitution.”
            Many of the students were clearly confused, but others nodded, understanding, now. They grabbed their backpacks and came up, plucking a piece of paper from the hat and moving over to a new section of desks, proclaiming their state.
            “New York over here.”
            “Rhode Island, yo.”
            “Virginians in the back!”
            It’s going to be a great midterm.
            Alex took up behind his desk and pulled up a fake quill pen. “I shall call the names of the delegates to confirm the presence of a quorum. Mr. Anderson?”
            “Miss Blakely?”
            “Mr. Charles?”
            “Miss Frakes?”
            “The Representative of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is here, sir!”
            Oh yes, a great midterm.