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Friday, October 9, 2015

F3 Wagers

            My stomach growled, hopefully lost in the midst of everyone else’s growl. I just barely stopped from holding it. I wondered how those poker players on TV managed to go for so long without even budging. Trying to keep a straight face while starving was tough. After all, I had skipped breakfast.
            I glanced again at my cards, not liking the almost straight I had. I looked at my meager winnings, and my stomach groaned again. I wasn’t going to last much longer like this, and I wouldn’t do well to keep going.
            But I don’t have enough. No pain, no gain.
            “I’ll call,” I said, adding in three slices of pepperjack to the pot.
            The bet passed to Natalie. “Raise, two roast beef.”
            The table oooed at such a bet.
            “Two rich for me,” Wally said, folding.
            “I’m in,” said Anna-Maria, but instead of roast beef, she put in two slices of Black Forest ham.
            “Man, that is the makings of a mighty fine sandwich,” Keith said, folding.
            Kate sucked in breath, almost a whistle, “I gotta do it. I’ll see your roast beef, and raise it to three pastrami.”
            I winced and drooled. I could really use some pastrami.
            “Woman! What do you mean throwing out meat like that!” Jack protested. He had lost more than most, but largely due to eating instead of betting. He looked at his stacks one more time, then his cards, then folded.
            It came back to me, and I folded.
            Natalie stayed in to get the card, then folded. It all came down to Kate and Anna-Maria. Kate revealed a small full house, easily beating Anna-Maria’s three kings, and took the pot.
            “So hungry,” I said.
            Kate decided to rub it in and made a glorious sandwich out of the entire plate.
“My God, that’s sexy,” Wally said, drawing nods and other affirmations from the rest of us.
Kate rapped Jack’s hand hard when he tried to sneak a couple of slices from her meat stack.
Jack frowned, then pulled out a stack of bills. “Murray, change out another $100.”
            Behind the counter, Murray began slicing off meats and cheeses. I pulled out my own bills, asking for the same.
            I better eat some instead of betting it all.

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