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Friday, October 2, 2015

F3 Fallen Hero

            “The Battle of Phantomhead is the standout moment in hostilities between the Imperium and the Alliance. Even for a space battle, the hostilities lasted for weeks as new ships kept arriving and ground forces were deployed. In the end, the Alliance triumphed, and with grateful thanks to all of the forces who served in that battle, but a few names always rise to the top when discussing Phantomhead: General Thaddeus Carter, Colonel Sonya Lyons, Colonel Lee Shen of the marines and Captain Aarushi Banik, Captain Pyotr Moscovich, Captain Peter Flynn of the navy.
            “For our retrospective, we’re most interested in Peter Flynn, and the potential for what many are calling Phantom Syndrome, a collection of conditions psychologists are still attempting to qualify and quantify. The heart of the matter is this: Peter Flynn is a highly decorated and capable officer. Many regard him as the Hero of Phantomhead. He served with distinction on several ships, and went on to command one of the newest, most advanced ships in the Alliance Fleet. But is it possible that his fall from grace is a result of battling with the extreme pressures and trauma from Phantomhead instead of cowardice? Join us in this frank examination over the next hour as we—”
            “Hey!” Ann protested. “I was watching that!”
            “Go watch it in your quarters, then,” Flynn said roughly as he sat at his console.
            “Aww, it’s okay, Flynn. I understand. You’ve got Phantom Syndrome, so you’re touchy.”
            Flynn gave her a dark look, daring her to say one more word, but Ann skipped away, literally, unfazed by him. But as she went past him, a thought occurred.
            “Ann, this is old news, why are you watching it?”
            “It’s new. We just got it in the latest dump. That bit was old footage, but they did a whole new show on you.”
            A new show? Why? The events in the Reach. Could Jacob Enro have leaked some information, or is this the Alliance Fleet and the news trying to make me look worse?
            With a heavy sigh he resumed the playback.

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