A3Writer: M3 Christmas: Nativity: Wise Guys
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Monday, December 14, 2015

M3 Christmas: Nativity: Wise Guys

            Well, okay, now, the birth of Christ. This is some big stuff. And it’s important to get it right, starting with the Christmas decorations!
            Yeah, I know, that made no sense. But this is where we have to start. You see, that Nativity scene you put out, it’s wrong. Yeah, the three guys holding the gifts, they weren’t there.
            The Magi—AKA the three Wise men (oh, and the numbers vary. Three and seven are most common, but there could have been more wise men)—were not present at the birth. This is a fact. They couldn’t have been. The Magi were from far in the east, and they were astrologers. The sign that told them of Christ’s birth was the Christmas star. It was brand new in the sky, and they consulted books of prophecy about it, got together, and made a trek to the west to find the new king.
            The star isn’t the only evidence. When they first arrived, they went to pay their respects to King Herod. After their visit, Herod made the decree to kill every boy that was younger than two years old. So from this we know that it took a significant amount of time to travel across Asia to reach Israel. The exact time was not known, but chances are it was between twelve and eighteen months after the birth, assuming Herod would want some kind of buffer in his estimate (we really can’t assume that because he wasn’t the brightest of kings, but we’ll say for the sake of argument).
            So if you want to be more correct with your Nativity scene, nix the wise guys from the party.