A3Writer: F3 Ship Design
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Friday, January 29, 2016

F3 Ship Design

            Flynn pored over the ship’s schematics, trying to figure them out. The Mozart’s refit was going well, but trying to marry thirty year-old systems and designs with cutting-edge technology wasn’t always easy. The second generation jump drive would make the ship relevant again as a combat vessel instead of the support role she had been relegated to, but trying to get everything up to the new design specs was a headache.
            Not only were there new specs, there were new design philosophies to incorporate, such as the routing of power conduits to avoid power loss during combat situations. Design philosophies prioritized power, gravity, and life support over everything else.
            Along with the new jump drive, Mozzie was getting new weapons systems, more power-intensive weapons, at that. The pulse railguns drew three times as much power as the old ones, but the tradeoff was double the launch velocity, which could put a serious dent in an enemy vessel.
            “So what’s it going to be Lt. Commander? Power or life support?” Commander Hoskins asked.
            The chief ship designer of Antares waited impatiently.
            “Everything looks in order, Commander. Power. Move the life support systems to forward engineering. We need that new fusion reactor in the heart of the ship.” Flynn pressed his thumb to the data slate, approving the changes.
            Hoskins nodded, like that was the only logical choice.
            It seemed counterintuitive to put a volatile reactor in the heart of the ship not far from CIC or the bridge, but if that reactor was damaged enough to blow, then there wouldn’t be enough left of the ship to command, anyway.