A3Writer: F3 Solace
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Friday, October 21, 2016

F3 Solace

            I’ve been in the Planes, as they call them, for many months, now, enjoying my time in the City of Doors, and working with the Sensates. I’ve been endeavoring to find a group of fellow adventurers that I might go out and experience more, but it has been difficult finding compatible companions.
            But I have been going on errands on behalf of the Society, and on once such trip, I went to fabled Bitopia, which I had seen through the Sensorium’s eyes, but not my own. To look up into the sky and see another landscape staring back at me was one of the true great joys of my life.
            After my errand as a courier, I found myself on top of a hill, simply staring at that landscape, watching clouds drift by above both lands, wondering what it would be like to climb a peak and step across to its twin to that other landscape. It began to rain lightly, which only made me feel more at peace.
            The remarkable thing, though, was that I fell asleep. Ever since the shadowy creature the lich subjected me to, I have found no escape from nightmares save through my magic. Until now. There in the rain, in that place, I slept peacefully, thanks to the sensations.
            This experience added to all the others has convinced me that I will find inner tranquility and oneness with the multiverse through the Society. I will devote myself to their cause.

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