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Friday, October 7, 2016

F3 Staying Behind

            “You don’t need me for this,” I said, adamant.
            “Matt, don’t pout,” Kate said.
            “I’m not pouting, I’m stating a fact. You don’t need me. If anything, I’d be a liability.”
            She did that thing, scrunching up one side of her mouth and looking at me like I was stupid.
            I’m prepared to agree to that if it means I get out of this.
            “Care to explain that one?”
            “I have no way to zip around like you guys do. My only means of defense is a pistol. Seriously, someone would have to keep an eye on me. Instead of doing that, you should focus on stopping the fallen.”
            “Oh, don’t worry, I’m going to just leave you to your own devices. Keep yourself alive, babe.” She smacked me on the butt.
            “This doesn’t exactly inspire me to go with you,” I said.
            “What if we need your expertise?” She went back to packing her backpack, especially the notes I had made for her.
            “I already gave you everything I’ve got.”
            She gave me a smirk, casting her eyes down my body.
            “You know what I mean.”
            “What if we find out more on the battlefield?” she asked.
            “Don’t see how I’d be any help. I need ten hours in a library to give you anything useful. You’d be better off giving me a call so I can do some quick research.”
            “Hmm, you’re probably right on that last one.”
            “Then it’s settled.”
            She finished packing, zipping the bag shut and slinging it over her shoulder.
            “Is this really about Jack?”
            “No. The whole lot are each as bad in your own way. Plus, I hate the way you travel.”
            “Don’t be a pussy, Matt.” She walked a dozen feet away from my car. “I’ll call you. You owe me dinner.”
            “I what, now? We broke it off, remem—”
            Thunder crashed and a blinding flash of light consumed her.
            Riding lightning again. How the hell do I end up dating these women who can kill me or take my eternal soul. Speaking of which, I gotta call Nikki.

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