A3Writer: F3 Discovered
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Friday, April 21, 2017

F3 Discovered

            I got as close as I dared, and I glimpsed part of the room, enough to make out black candles—store bought—and a concrete floor painted with geometry and symbols. I backed away. Getting closer wouldn’t do me any good, just put me at risk.
            Gotta find the Nativity.

            I started peaking in the other rooms, using my flashlight to quickly search. No luck.
            Did they destroy it? Just take it and heave all of it into a dumpster? That would make sense unless they’re planning something bigger. Doesn’t matter. I need to search everywhere.
            The bedrooms, except for the room they were in, were all clean. The farther I got from their chanting, the better I felt, so I moved more quickly, looking into the front of the house, but there was nothing. Off of the kitchen was the utility room. Nada. The utility room led to the garage. It was the last place except for the master bedroom. If it wasn’t in the garage, I’d have to wait for them to leave again.
            I turned the knob, trained my light, and looked. I saw their car, exactly as described and, there, off to the side, in a heap, the Nativity.

            “Eeee!” Jessie squealed.
I goggled at her. Nikki looked on with confusion, a half-formed question on her lips.
“Sorry,” Jessie apologized. “I just got excited. You found it.”
“Yeah, that’s the easy part. The hard part is coming.”
“Escaping with your prize,” Nikki supplied.
I nodded.
Nikki sighed. “I suppose it’s a good thing I left my evening open. We shall be here all night.”
“Should we order food?” Jessie asked, obviously missing Nikki’s intended dig at my slow pace.
“Sure thing,” I grinned.