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Friday, April 7, 2017

F3 Wishes

            The pentagram with its lettering freaked me out. What had started as a prank by bored teens turned into a legitimate case with real danger.
            Gun’s back home, so’s the holy water. Even with them I wouldn’t want to be here. Need to get Rich and maybe a few others, perform an exorcism. Would that even work, though? I don’t know what these kids believe, if anything. Jewish ceremony might work. Wish Max was here, he might be able to tell me.

            I crept closer, sidling close the hall wall while I kept my ears peeled. The voices became more distinct, and I started to recognize the cadence and pronunciation of the words as Hebrew. Maybe. If it was, it was an older form or some kind of dialect. I had no way to tell which.
            I got as close as I dared, not quite peeking around the corner. I couldn’t risk that one of them might see me, and all hell would break loose, maybe literally.

            “Incidentally,” I said, “if either of you are looking to get me a Christmas present, I could really use one of those tiny periscopes. You know, the kind for looking around corners. I saw it in a catalog.”
            “The Spy Emporium Catalog?” Jessie asked.
            “That’s the one,” I smiled.
            “Done,” Nikki said tersely. “Get back to the story, Matthew. My life might be infinite, but my patience is not.”
            “I’m just saying, if you were looking for a last-minute gift idea—”

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