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Friday, May 11, 2018

F³ Proper Operational Footwear

            Flynn left the cockpit, pausing to change into more practical clothing before joining Eltie near the weapons locker. She was running final checks on her combat armor, which would make her just over two meters tall and strong enough to punch through five centimeter armor plate. As Flynn walked up, she turned and began handing him gear: tactical vest, grav harness, rail gun, and conventional slug thrower. Flynn would have preferred his pulsar pistol, but Eltie knew the mission requirements.

            Flynn checked over his gear. He knew Eltie would have already done it, but marines liked to re-check, so he would act like a marine. Reese ran up as Flynn strapped on his grav harness and tac vest.
            “Good,” Eltie said, “I’ve got an insertion plan ready for us.”
            She pulled a data slate over and showed an area of the city marked as the source of the transmission. She tapped three spots on the building, indicating a side entrance for Reese, a third story balcony for Eltie, and Flynn would take the front door.
            “Looking to get a promotion the easy way, Lieutenant?”
            “Hardly, sir. We need our best shooters in the best tactical position. Reese has been outscoring you.”
            Flynn flicked eyes to Reese, who shrugged. “It’s really just luck.”
            “Uh huh. Okay, so I’m the sacrificial lamb, but you left out how we’re even going to approach. Where’s our LZ?”
            “We don’t have one, not going in. Coming out Ann will set down here.” She indicated a flattened building about two blocks from the transmission source.
            Flynn was about to ask about not having a landing zone going in when he remembered the grav harness.
            “Eltie, please tell me we’re not going to do a grav dive.”
            “Sorry, sir, it’s the fastest way in with minimal risk to the ship.”
            “I haven’t done one of these since basic.”
            “If it’s any consolation—” Reese began.
            “It’s not.” Flynn cut him off. “Okay. I can do this. Be right back.” Flynn retreated down the corridor.
            “Where’s he going?” Reese asked Eltie.
            “To put on some fresh socks,” Flynn yelled back down the corridor. “If I’m going to die today, my feet are going to be comfortable.”

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