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Friday, May 25, 2018

F³ WIP Leak

            I gestured Collins to the far side of the room, and dropped my voice. “Reese,” I whispered.
            Collins flinched. “What?”
            “Lindsey Reese.”
            His face hardened, and his voice was an angry whisper. “No. Do not fucking tell me to take this to the fucking press.”

            “We were already thinking about a PSA.”
            “How the hell will that help things?”
            “They might pack up and leave. Other markets.”
            “So we make it someone else’s problem?”
            “You want to avoid the cluster-fudge.”
            “Really, Allen?”
            I shrugged.
            “It won’t stop everyone from using.”
            “I didn’t say it would. These people don’t like the spotlight. They want to pull the strings.”
            Collins threw up his hands. “Every criminal pulls strings. This is no different.”
            “There are, I don’t even know how to put this, political—family—complications.”
            “Like the Russians? That’s always a possibility.”
            “No, I mean like within. The people—which is really not the word—involved are going against their own to make this happen.”
            “Internal strife. Rivalry within their organization?”
            I pointed to him, nodding. “Yeah, that’s it.”
            Collins rubbed his chin in thought. “We release the PSA, go above board with everything. We get doctors to talk about the effects, ME for the autopsies. Chemists will be the weak link. They’ll tell the truth that these substances don’t cause a high.”
            “Absolutely have them tell the truth, but the whole truth. It’s not just about the substances, but the pendant, too, and they haven’t discovered the exact process going on, but they can chart the effects. We want people talking about this.”
            “God. This is a different kind of clusterfuck. I’ll be lucky if I stay a beat cop after this. No, you know what, I’m running this up the flagpole.”
            “They’ll never go for it. You know that.”
            He nodded. “I do, but I can’t go behind their backs, either. I can’t speak for the entire department. But you might be able to leak it.”
            I blinked. “I go to Reese. I give her the names of the doctors and the victims, so far. I turn over the autopsy and other files I have.”
            Collins nodded.

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