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Friday, November 16, 2018

F³ Birthday Wish

            It’s my birthday, not Matt’s (which is in April), but I feel like writing this.

            The phone rang entirely too loudly and too early in the morning. I fumbled in the dark for the phone, finally pulling the cordless receiver to my ear.
            “What?” I growled.
            “Happy Birthday, Uncle Matt!” came an enthusiastic, teenage girl’s yell from the other end.
            I pushed the receiver away, trying futilely to muffle it.

            When the yelling subsided, I brought it back to my ear. “Cassie?”
            “So what are ya going to do, today!?”
            “I’d like to go back to sleep before I have to go to work,” I mumbled.
            “Boooooriiing! My gift is much better!”
            “Cassie, please stop yelling. What gift?”
            The doorbell rang.
            “Was that your doorbell? My gift is there! Yay! Perfect timing!”
            “Answer the door, dummy!”
            “Just go. I have to go back to class, now. I’ll call you later, Uncle Matt.”
            She hung up as the doorbell rang again. I clawed my way out of bed, wrapping a robe around me as I staggered towards the front door. Through the peephole, I saw Nikki under her parasol despite the only light being my porch light. It was still well before dawn.
            I opened the door and could only manage a short, articulate, “Wha?”
            For answer she seized my robe, dragged me forward, and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her lips were cool, but soon warmed to my temperature. We were still locked when I suddenly recognized a need to breathe, and made strangled noises to that effect.
            “Happy birthday, dumpling.”
            “You’re my gift from Cassie? Aren’t you supposed to jump out of a cake or something?”
            “A gift such as that could be easily arranged, Matthew. Should I appear in my own birthday suit?”
            “Uh.” My brain failed to come up with anything witty or clever, or even words of more than one syllable.
            “Never mind. We’ll leave that for later. Cassandra’s gift to you is a day off, and I’m here to ensure that outcome. We shall spend the day together, doing whatever you wish. Consider me your personal birthday wish. So, Matthew, what do you wish?”
            “Um, coffee.” I finally managed.
            “Of course, but we shall have to work on having you realize a grander vision.”
            Her fist still in my robe, she walked me out of the house towards her car, where Jerry waved at me as he held the door open for us.
            “Can’t I get dressed first?”
            “No, dumpling, your first wish was coffee. Clothing shall have to wait.”

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