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Monday, November 12, 2018

M³ Zeus The Playa

            It goes without saying, but Zeus has slept around many, many, many, many times. I’m sure many a psychologist has thought about replacing the term hypersexual with just a picture of Zeus. He is responsible for siring anywhere between 1/4 to 1/3 of the Greek gods. It’s just insane how many times he has slept with goddesses other than his wife.

            But why? Is this just his nature? Well, we know from reading the myth of Hercules that he can, in fact, stop. He did so, cold turkey, and didn’t have a problem because he accomplished his goal with Hercules.
            So we know that Zeus has an objective when it comes to sleeping with mortals. Does he likewise have one when it comes to the goddesses?
I think so.
The myths don’t come right out and tell us, but they almost never do (which is one of the reasons I like them better than fairy tales). Whenever Zeus sleeps with a goddess, she gets pregnant and bears children. This is not just Zeus keeping score and claiming bragging rights on how fertile he is. To understand, we have to look back at the Greek creation with Uranus and Gaea.
The Greek creation, unlike any other creation, is a sexual creation. The Greeks were very literal when it came to making the gods and goddesses, they could only come from parents who sired them. This makes a large degree of logical and natural sense. Humans and animals all procreate, so why not the gods, too? How else would gods procreate? The fact is that imagining another form of creation is simply needless work. Using the word such as the Hebrew God did is just weird to Greek culture. Using light and darkness or random thoughts or having the gods trapped in ice are all bizarre and unnatural concepts. They take imagination, yes, but that’s a lot of needless work and doesn’t accurately reflect the world around them. The Greeks opted for the most straightforward explanation by seeing sex as the creative process.
Whenever Zeus is schtupping a goddess and having a child, he is furthering the creative process. In fact, since the new child will assume power over some natural phenomenon, he is bringing forth more order to creation. Each child of Zeus brings more order and reduces the chaos in the universe. And, like he was with Hercules, when he’s satisfied with the result, he doesn’t have sex with any more of the goddesses.

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