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Friday, November 23, 2018

F³ Celestial Thanksgiving

            The crew of Calypso gathered in the common area for a sumptuous a spread as they ever truly had. There were no special delicacies, but some good home cooking as well as the crops from the hydroponics bays. The highlights, of course, being the two pies, apple and pumpkin, that perfumed the entire room.
            Flynn licked his lips, eager to dig into the apple, but just as eager to wrap his lips around the duck they had picked up from the harvest festival at their last stop. As usual, Reese had done the trading and cooking.
            Flynn was ready to dig in when Ann stood up, getting everyone’s attention. She held her steel cup in both hands, and, for a change, looked somber.
“I’d like to say a few words,” she began.
            Flynn took in the expression on everyone else’s face, seeing stunned silence that he knew was likely on his own face, as well.
            Ann, seeing no one disagree, continued. “We have come together to offer thanks. On old Earth, there have been many religions where we have done the same, but it always came back to the first moment, when we came out of the caves. We looked high into the heavens and knew something greater than ourselves, and that we must give thanks.
“Today, we’ve grown beyond gods and saviors, and know the glory of the stars, themselves. Compared to the stars, our lives are mere twinklings, and so we owe the stars not just our thanks, but that we live our lives to the utmost. Join me in continuing the tradition of feasting on glorious bounty and celebrating the good times, that we might make more of them, passing our memories on to the stars.”
Flynn sat stunned for a moment, then raised his glass. The others followed, then all clinked them and drank deep.
Never thought Ann had such a spiritual side to her.

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