A3Writer: F³ Pyrean Flaw
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Friday, August 30, 2019

F³ Pyrean Flaw

Carl stalked my way, in no hurry with his sword at the ready. I had no sword, which meant a classic duel was out of the question. Did have chain lightning at my disposal as well as any number of other nasty lightning attacks, and I might have to resort to them, but something was working my brain. I had noticed something about how Carl fought. When I jet along the ground to get away from him, something had clicked. I just didn’t know what, yet.

Carl got a dozen feet away, then shot out a blast of flame.
With almost no wind left, I didn’t try to shield myself, but I cloud stepped, easily vaulting out of the way. I had stepped to the left, too, whereas Carl went straight up. He corrected his jets, aiming towards me, so I sent out the chain lightning. It bounced from place to place on the ground, acting as a barrier from him reaching me more than an attack, and it worked, beautifully.
He toppled to the side as the arcs formed nearby, close enough to make his hair stand up. His sword vanished as he used his own hand jets to stop his fall, hovering Tom Cruise style above the ground, then righting himself like iron man, and then it clicked.
He doesn’t have to recharge like I do. I can only store so much wind inside me. Same with lightning. I think the fire comes from him. It’s not something he can run out of. But it has to come from him, too. I can manipulate wind and lightning outside of me. He didn’t cause the heat in the geyser to expand, he shot more down into it.
I smiled. “Final round.”