A3Writer: Detailed Cartography: Badon Heights
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Detailed Cartography: Badon Heights

Badon Heights
     Badon Heights became an extension of Fairhaven as Belport became an attraction to the wealthy, who would come with their yachts and enjoy the weather and access to the ocean. Badon Heights is often seen as very exclusive, and non-luxury cars are rarely seen driving through there. Badon Heights got its name from Nicholas Badon, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who donated heavily to the city. Originally the area was just his estate, north of Fairhaven. However, more people began to follow his example and build their houses in the "Heights" outside of town. Things continued to escalate with wealthier and larger estates for quite some time, and then the citizens there fell victim to some crime as enterprising thieves moved up and began to prey on the wealthy. The response was to form a town, but Badon would not consider a town separate from Belport, and used his connections to have the city annex the area, and extend the city's resources north, though supplemented with a large trust fund for "the establishment and security of the area known as the Heights."
     While not a separate town, residents within the area of Badon Heights pay significantly higher taxes for public works, which helps keep the area pristine and secure. Badon Heights has many docks and ports for private ships, many of them yachts. Badon Heights also has a private ferry service—both a fast catamaran style ferry and a hydrofoil—out to the Bel Vista Islands, which are considered part of the Heights.

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