A3Writer: Detailed Cartography: Shadow Valley
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Detailed Cartography: Shadow Valley

Shadow Valley
     Shadow Valley, as it is now called, stretches from the hills to Mt. Kelly's western slopes and Shadow Lake. It wasn't until the discovery of iron ore in Mt. Kelly that the place came into existence as a mining community. Most of the miners turned out to be Chinese, Japanese, and Russian immigrants, who, after working on the rails, settled into the area to work the mine. During the Depression, more immigrants, mostly European from the East Coast, filed in to find work and a life. The immigrants had no fear of hard work and plunged into the hazardous mine. Unfortunately, the vein of ore slowed and dwindled to nothing, but the people stayed in the area as their own little community. Many of the immigrants went to help with the construction of Belport's City Center, while still others found some work in the factories and foundries of Dante's Forge.
     Even though they worked in other areas of the city, they always returned to Shadow Valley since they had adapted the area to look like their homelands, each nationality shaping their neighborhoods after their homes, complete with architecture, dress, and food. Shadow Valley holds to very old ways of doing things. Some of them even hold to the old superstitions, and say that the reason they settled in Shadow Valley was because of Mt. Kelly, and some power it has. For the most part the people of Shadow Valley keep to themselves and prefer it that way.
     Recently, with the fall of communism, there has been an influx of organized crime into the area, and so many people find that just one more reason to stay out of Shadow Valley, though it's said that the valley's shadow stretches well into the city.