A3Writer: May Wrap-up 2009
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Monday, June 1, 2009

May Wrap-up 2009

     Well, another month down, and my walkabout '09 finished. I always intended to make a post about how I was skipping town, but never had time or net access for long enough to even do it. The month ended like it started despite the traveling difficulties, and I managed a healthy mix of writing with editing Vampire Shadows. I actually managed to finish going through the entire book, too, so there is accomplishment there. Halloween Scourge is still progressing, but at a somewhat more methodical pace. There are heavy police elements in this one, so I need to go through procedures, detail crime scenes, and, well, sometimes it flows well, and other times it is tedium.
     On Walkabout I managed quite a few interesting ideas to aid my stories, including things to flesh out Belport, and elements to include plot-wise, as well. I even purchased a painting from a street vendor in NYC that inspired an entire chapter that will appear in Halloween Scourge, which helps exemplify an interesting twist in the relationship of Matt and Nikki. This just goes to show that the five words are still in effect, no matter the source of inspiration. I ended up purchasing the art, and will hopefully frame it soon.
     With the semester ended, I'm going to make a push to get a query letter done and attempt to solicit some agents. I'm also going to go through Blood and Stones one more time to see if there's anything else that needs to be done. If I plan this right, perhaps I can get myself an agent and Matt Allen will make an appearance on the shelves in the relatively near future. Until then, here are my charts for May.