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Friday, December 7, 2012

F3 Faerie Work

The coin made a high arc through the air before it bounced once on my desk, then spun counterclockwise in a tight spiral. As it spun the color registered, letting me know this wasn't a quarter, not unless they made one out of gold. The coin finally spun to a stop with the face of a harp staring up at me.
Not him again. "Michaleen."

"Sure'n, Matthew, tis being myself" the leprechaun announced in his Irish brogue.
"What do you want? I'm kind of busy." I made a show of opening up my comic book.
"Now how about you be doing a job for me?"
"Work for you?"
"A straight deal. I agree to do the job and you pay me in regular cash, no hidden contracts, off the cuff handshakes, or fae promises?"
"Anyone ever be telling you you're mighty untrustful?"
"And no evasions. We'll add that to the list. Now, answer the question."
"Sure'n I can strike that bargain." He extended his pudgy hand.
I took the hand.
"Well now, that was being easier than I had been thinking. Shall we be off?"
"Not so fast. I didn't agree to a job. I just agreed that you'd be clear about the terms of the job. Nor have we discussed my fee."
Michaleen plumped down a sack that clinked with the sound of more coins. It bulged at the seams.
"A bag of cursed fairy coins isn't my idea of a fee."
"Sure'n I be promising there be no curse to these, nor any kind of fairy magic. Gold, plain and simple. And this not be your whole fee, but only one day."
"A day for that kind of scratch? Even more generous."
"Well, there's being one catch. We'll be calling part of that compensation for travel."
"Travel? I'm not big on going out of town."
"Yourself needs to be seeing more of the world, Matthew."
"Sure'n we be going to me home."
I rubbed my chin, thinking it over. Ireland wasn't a bad place. I could certainly think of worse places to visit. "Ireland works. So long as I won't be trying to deal with a banshee."
"Well, as to that, I did never be saying Ireland. I did be saying home."
"You mean . . . ?"
"Aye," he nodded.
"The land of the Faerie. You better start at the beginning. And that" I pointed to the bag, "is my fee just for hearing you out."
"Sure'n that's being fine with myself. You see, not all's being well, and we be having need of someone like yourself to be stepping in. . . ."
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