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Friday, May 2, 2014

F3 Reaper Ammo

            I inspected the bullet, looking closely at the top of the round, which resembled a shark’s mouth or maybe a hole saw. Instead of a slug, it was all teeth, and not made of lead at all.
            “What does it do?” I asked Wes.
            The former Army Ranger and munitions specialist, complete with his own secure workshop grinned at me. “Those little teeth, they start ripping into the target, then they peel off like a flower, like a death blossom!”
            “Isn’t that from a movie or a video game or something?”
            “Yeah, well, that’s what they do. The company calls ‘em rippers or something.”
“Reapers?” I said before my brain caught up to what Wes had really called them.
“Reapers? Heh. That’d be an awesome name. Anyway, the ‘petals’ tear loose and tumble through the target, usually staying lodged in there, doing even more damage. The rest of the slug, pure copper, keeps pushing through. It’s billed for home defense. Pretty useless for military. Won’t punch through armor, but for an unarmored target, whew! Watch.”
            He loaded up a nine millimeter and fired off a round into some ballistics gel, the stuff they always used on that science show about myths.
            We inspected the block of gel, and I could see where the round had entered and how the metal flanges tore off in a kind of starburst pattern while the rest of the slug had kept going.
            “So, you interested?”
            I still held the sample bullet, and ran my finger over the points of the teeth, pondering.
            “How long to get me a box?”
            “See, I got a laser cutting tool and 3d mapper, now. I can use these to create a custom mold, then use the laser to make the cuts for the petals. It’ll take a little while because the metal is different, but let’s say two weeks, assuming the prototypes go well.”
            I pulled out five Franklins, that was a lot of money for me. If it can rip through like he says, it’ll be worth it. A different kind of silver bullet will be useful.

            “Think you might be able to work out a way to make some in iron?” Never hurts to be prepared.
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