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Friday, May 16, 2014

F3 Tools of the Trade

            “This one is all yours, Ben.” Eva said.
            “Surprised you’ll admit I’m better than you.”
            “At this. This is the only thing you’re better than me at, and you know I’m pretty fantastic at it, so don’t get so smug.”
            “Sure.” I went through the exercises, limbering up my fingers.
            “What’s the distraction?” she asked.
            “Needs to be big, and far enough away that he’s not looking at himself.”
            “What about a small fight?”
            “You ever known a fight in a speakeasy to stay small?”
            “It could give you all the cover you need.”
            “He might bolt, too. Some people have the right idea and get out when a fight breaks out. It’ll only be a matter of time until buzzers wise to it and shut everyone down because of the booze.” I adjusted the strap on the palm cutters. Just small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, I could operate it with a one handed squeeze. It should be enough to cut the watch chain.
            “A drink in the face and a slap, then,” she grinned.
            “That could work. I’ll give you a two finger tap on my hat brim.”
            Slide in, slide out, squeeze to cut the chain, just like those old billfolds. A lot of work to return a pocket watch. It’d be easier if I went back to lifting pockets for myself. I just can’t seem to leave the Slider behind.

            “Let’s go.”

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