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Friday, October 31, 2014

F3 Unfair Logic

            Another Halloween. Jen and Jessie loved it because I closed the office at lunch. There was something about this particular Halloween that didn’t sit right with me. The sun didn’t shine as bright, the air held an otherworldly chill that cut to my bones, and I didn’t want to be anywhere other than home, secure behind the consecration.
            Even then I didn’t take any chances, not tonight. I had weapons ready and holy water aplenty ready to go at a moment’s notice. I didn’t even want to take a chance with the door tonight. I had a giant popcorn bucket full of candy with a sign to leave some for other trick-or-treaters.
            I wanted to call it an early night after watching my fill of Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale, and Tale Spin, but I was still too nervous. My doorbell rang, and I ignored it. It rang again. I checked the time. Ten o’clock. Too late for kids. It might be teenagers wanting to cause trouble, but why wouldn’t they just TP or vandalize the place?
            The bell rang again. I got up. Before opening the door I made sure the shotgun was in easy reach. On opening it my irritated response never left my lips.
            It was Nikki. Dressed as Elvira, including the wig. Actually, Nikki’s outfit made Elvira’s look decent. I didn’t think it was physically possible for her to legally show any more cleavage in public, and the deep V of the gown went past her navel. The slits for her legs went all the way up to her waist, and she proudly displayed a fishnet covered leg in my direction.
            “Precisely the reaction I hoped to provoke,” she laughed.
            Her voice sang straight into my soul, her power even making it through the consecration. Halloween had that effect, empowering the supernatural with the latent belief people had.
            “Now, shall we go to the theater to mock horror films or go dancing. The way her face lit up told me which she wanted to do, and I had to admit the idea of twirling her around while she wore that dress made parts of me very enthusiastic.
            “Neither,” I said firmly, more for myself than for her.
“Oh, are you afraid I might have my way with you,” she licked her lips.
I got lost in those lips, the dark red lipstick hypnotizing me for a moment, but then I recovered. “It’s crazy out there, tonight. Dangerous.”
            “Matthew, do you think your home and the consecration can provide you with more protection this night than I can?”
            It didn’t take me long to do the math. “That is a low blow,” I said. “It’s no fair using logic like that on a guy.”
            I grabbed my coat and hat and walked out. She took my arm, hurriedly pulling me to her car.
            “So, dancing?” I said.

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