A3Writer: F3 Practicing Bad Habits
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Friday, June 19, 2015

F3 Practicing Bad Habits

            Eva went first, carefully slipping fingers into the coat, extracting coins and keys with skill, barely rustling the coat and its assortment of bells; all with her left hand. However, once she got to the wallets, her fingers failed her. Either she would jostle a bell or lose her grip on the thick leather with delicate fingers.
            I said nothing, but she cursed up a storm so that Shame whimpered in the corner, covering his head with his paws.
            I stood up, easily duplicating the feat with the keys and the coins, but had no difficulty when it came to the wallets, using either hand, and any fingers I chose. After extracting a pair of nickels, I rolled them along the back of my knuckles in front of her.
            She slid a five spot across the desk to me, a small smile hiding the pain of her loss. “It’s a shame you gave it up, Ben. You and I could have made a fortune.”
            “Never made a fortune before. No reason to think now would be different. I like to stay in practice, though. Never know when it can come in handy.”
            “You’ve got picking pockets down to an art, but how well can you pick locks?”
            “I need more practice.”
“Good. Same bet?”
            I chuckled, knowing that the five spot would end right back in her clutches.

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