A3Writer: I Miss Paper
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Miss Paper

            Not to write with. My handwriting is atrocious and I find it very time consuming to form the letters. Typing is so much better, though I do carry a small Moleskin with me to jot notes down upon.
            No, I’m talking about more everyday forms of paper. At least, what used to be everyday forms of paper. I miss paper as a food packaging. Everything has been overrun with colorful plastics, sometimes fused with foils. They’re effective certainly, especially at keeping items fresh and waterproof, but I miss the crinkle of a paper wrapper around a candy bar, or a bag of potato chips. I miss the shiny inner layer of foil acting as a brilliant contrast to the black of a Hershey logo or the blue of a Nestle Crunch bar.
            Sure, I’m being nostalgic; I miss them because that’s what I grew up with. But in a world increasingly concerned over the fate of plastic bottles, of the increased dependency on plastics and petroleum (from which most plastics are derived), I think we should once again embrace paper as part of wrapping our goods. As long as we are responsible with the planting and harvesting of trees, this should present no great burden to the environment, and we will reduce dependency on foreign powers who continue to increase the cost per barrel.
            And because I miss the paper.

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