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Friday, January 3, 2014

F3 Alistair's Last Stand

            I ran flat out, pumping arms and legs as fast as I could. Markun, despite being a dwarf in heavy plate managed to stay ahead of me. I had given a potion to Alistair, and he trailed behind covering me while our pursuer continued to launch attacks.
            The lich let out another roar of fury. Moments after we'd taken our treasure, the lich had magically appeared, cutting off our primary escape. Now we sprinted towards a cliff where Markun had assured us lay a forgotten temple, but one still consecrated to the gods that might provide us with a sanctuary. If we could manage to hold the lich at bay.
            I felt useless, barely able to cast any spells, relying on Faenoth's wand to cast fire into the undead monsters that had barred our path. I fired again at the lich, hoping to at least distract it, but it didn't seem to care.
            I dug my boots in hard, too hard, falling backwards to slide another foot before stopping, just as a stretch of ground a hundred feet wide, long and deep turned to molten magma. The leather of my boots began to blister and smoke as Alistair hauled me back.
            With no way around this latest obstacle, Alistair downed the potion, grabbed me, and flew us over the pit. The potion wouldn't last long, so he dropped me next to the bridge where Markun waited.
            With the lich overhead, the dwarf hadn't dared cross with our prize. Deep in the chasm, white water churned. Unless we could overcome the lich, we were trapped. The lich seemed in no hurry.
            Markun cast a quick series of spells on Alistair, including his sword, which began to glow with holy fire. I cast a spell to double Alistair's size, hoping that would be enough to tip the odds in his favor.
            Alistair nodded, then flew after the lich. The lich was all skull with no facial features, but it dodged back as Alistair closed on it, evidently not used to someone attacking him on a physical level.
            It threw spell after spell, which bled through the protections Markun had bestowed upon him, but Alistair kept coming, swinging the enlarged blade to score bone shattering wounds against the creature that rebounded off of defensive spells.
            "Come on, lad, now's our chance." Markun propelled me across the bridge and he followed. Below, white water churned as it wound its way down the mountain. As we reached the other side, we noticed the lich's minions had made their way around the magma pool, and now approached the bridge. Markun smashed the bridges supports and I sawed through ropes with my dagger, cutting off pursuit.
            "It's in Alistair's hands, now. Gods be with him."
            I looked to the fight above just as my spell wore off, causing Alistair to shrink back down. After the dungeon, I no longer had the magical might to sustain spells for long, putting Alistair at a disadvantage again.
            Alistair didn't let it deter him, and he charged. I winced, sure the lich would have a nasty spell prepared for him, and I was right. The lich cast out a volley of fireballs that detonated against Alistair, the force of which sent him flying up and away, also sending his shield spinning through the air. Alistair still had his sword, and swung, cleaving through the lich, literally splitting him in half from skull to hip.
            Then the lich exploded.
            Alistair had no way out, no chance to minimize the damage as he had barely finished his swing. His body survived, but from how he fell, Markun shook his head.
            "You can bring him back, right?" I asked, watching my friend fall to the ground.
            "Aye. I have the magic. I ken—" Markun cut off as we both watched Alistair's body fall into the chasm.
            A moment later his sword landed, on our side of the chasm, clanging loudly as it bounced.
            "Go on, lad. He'd want you to have it."
            I took up the sword and closed my eyes.

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