A3Writer: F3 New Reality
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Friday, January 17, 2014

F3 New Reality

            I've come to learn that one of the names of this city is "the Cage," which seems something of a misnomer to me. Another of its nicknames is the "City of Doors," which is much more appropriate. If anything, my old home is the cage. In this city, I see portals appear with almost startling regularity. Its citizens move back and forth to different planes of existence as frequently as crossing the street. Hardly an hour goes by when there isn't a flash as a portal is activated. I have become very cautious about moving through archways, taking my time to make sure that I do not carry anything that might activate them for fear of returning to my old home.
            Though most of my memories are gone, my instincts are fairly intact, and I have a few skills left that have helped me get by, particularly those that Rina taught me. The ability to take advantage of a distraction and make off with meager portions of food have kept me alive, but little else.
            I would say that the people of this city are cruel and heartless in their treatment of those of lesser fortune, but I know that isn't true. I have seen and experienced true cruelty, though those memories are gone. There is something indelible in that cruelty. Its mark is permanent.

            So whenever someone in this city walks past, bounces off me, shoves me out of the way, or even curses me, I know it is indifference, and I have a little piece of joy each time it happens. At least they do not seek out to do cruelty.