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Friday, December 13, 2019

F³ The Danger of Gingerbread

I hustled into the kitchen, leaving Nikki in the living room. From memory I started gathering the things I needed.
“I didn’t come here for cookies, but for the rest of the story. I presume you are not finished.”
“Nope, that’s it.”
“You have not covered the danger of the gingerbread. Emotionally, yes, but no danger, as of yet.”
“Oh, that. Well, make yourself useful, then.” I pushed the canisters of flour and brown sugar her way along with the measure cups and a big bowl.

Ellie dabbed at her eyes with the edge of my handkerchief, smiling gratefully as she continued to chew the cookie in small, reverent bites.
I was never one for being gentle with my gingerbread, Paul and I frequently racing to see who could scarf theirs down the fastest. But I decided to be mature about it. So instead of gobbling the whole thing, I only gobbled the bottom half, taking both legs and half the body in a giant bite. I grinned like an idiot as I chewed, up until about the fourth chew, when it hit me.
Ginger, strong ginger, flooded my mouth like a fire, and that was when I realized the true danger.
I rapidly beat on the flight attendant call button, bonging multiple times. Ellie looked at me, worried, and I pointed at my mouth, tears already starting to leak out of my eyes.
Amanda showed up quickly, looking at me.
“Is he choking?” Ellie asked.
I shook my head, then managed to get out a desperate plea for help around my mouthful of gingerbread, “Milk! Need milk!”

“Your imminent danger was that you didn’t have any milk?” Nikki said, refusing to look at me.
“Hey, Grandma was using grade A ginger, and at least three times as much as reasonable cookies have. I standby that as danger.”

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