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Friday, December 20, 2019

F³ A Sap

In short order I had enough milk to contain the ginger inferno in my mouth, and Amanda brought enough to share with Ellie, too, who had moved from tears to snickers at my condition.
“One year I dared Leo to eat some raw ginger, and he acted the same way.”
“For reference, I would never accept a dare like that, and in the future I will always test any gingerbread men before eating so much of one.”

She smiled again, continuing to nibble on her cookie. She had put the laptop away, now, and was just relaxing, and, I wagered, reminiscing on all things gingerbread with her husband.
I left her to it, resuming my Chandler book, but I only got about ten minutes of the book before a baby’s cry pierced the airplane. Mikey’s baby sister had woken up, apparently in sore need of attention.
All around, passengers shifted and let out little groans, even those with headphones. No one liked hearing a crying baby in an enclosed space. The volume continued to climb, too. Kid had good lungs. Mikey’s mom sought to disentangle herself from the girl she held, but the girl wasn’t having any of it. She fought to clutch to her mom.
“Ginny, I need to get Faye. Please, Ginny—no, don’t grab Mommy’s hair.”
Ginny, for her part, wasn’t quiet, letting out frustrated groans and the occasional scream that drowned out baby Faye.
When free, she put Ginny into the seat Mikey had been in, and turned to the baby. Ginny didn’t give up, though. For a minute I thought she was going to just sit in the seat and scream, but she hopped back up and grabbed her mom’s sleeve. “Story!” she yelled.
“After I change and feed Faye, honey.”
“Story!” Ginny insisted.
“Ginny, please, I need both hands to change Faye.”
“I can read to her,” I said.

“You volunteered? Why?”
I shrugged, rolling out the gingerbread dough. “I wasn’t going to be able to finish Marlowe’s adventure with a screaming kid. Knew that it was only a matter of time until some surly passengers started grumbling, too.”
“I think you are more of a sap than you would like to admit.”
“Everybody is a sap for something.”

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