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Monday, December 16, 2019

M³ Winning Is Everything

So Aphrodite cheats the court’s decision. No, she doesn’t flat out break the rules as that would not be allowed. The details of the case are that Adonis gets four months to spend however he wishes. Now if he chooses to spend it with one of the goddesses, that’s his choice, except when it’s not.

Aphrodite still has her magic and irresistible girdle, and so she gets a double portion of Adonis-time. So there it is, with a score of two-to-one, Aphrodite beats Persephone. Aphrodite definitely seems to be the victor of all things even touching on sexuality, which makes sense given it’s who she is.
But let it never be said that the gods and goddesses are good losers. Because they’re not. Ever. Persephone will not prove the exception, either. Persephone tells on Aphrodite. No, not to Zeus, he doesn’t care. She tells Ares. Ares doesn’t care except that he’s a little bit the jealous type. He doesn’t like the idea of Aphrodite having Adonis as a boy toy, even though the shipping of Aresdite is long over. Yes, confabulating the names was a horrible idea, and I already regret it.
Ares takes the form of a boar, and, when Adonis tries to prove himself as manly to Aphrodite, gores the boy toy to death. Adonis’s soul moves on to the underworld, where Persephone declares utter victory over Aphrodite. Even in death the guy can’t get a break.
Aphrodite petitions Zeus to let Adonis’s soul be with her for half the year, and he says yes, most likely just to not have to deal with the situation. So Adonis’s soul is with Persephone half the year, and Aphrodite for the other half. Now, before we get into issues of whether or not they are all engaged in similar activities as when he was alive . . . it’s possible.
The Greek underworld often represents the souls as having some kind of substance, especially as Sisyphus is pushing up the boulder and Tantalus can never reach food.
Guy can’t catch a break.

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